Due to the changes in today's lifestyle and the creation of new needs, canned products while meeting these needs to the market and due to easy access and shortening of cooking time were met with a significant response. One of the important points in the field of canning is maintaining the nutritional value and health of the product.

Asal food industry, in addition to using the best raw materials, uses the latest equipment in the world to maintain the health of its canned food.

Mix vegetables


Peas are a rich source of vitamin K. This vitamin is useful in preventing kidney stones, osteoporosis, diabetes and liver diseases.


Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A. This vitamin is useful for body growth, especially in children, proper immune function, skin health and vision.


Corn is a rich source of fiber, which makes it easier to digest food. Fiber also reduces the risk of various diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.



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