Salting and using table salt has long been one of the ways to preserve food, especially vegetables, which over time and the changes that have occurred, this method has become a delicious seasoning with food.

Esalat food industry while preserving the taste and freshness of vegetables to present to the consumer in all seasons; Uses a combination of fresh vegetables and salt to prepare a variety of sour pickles and markets them.

Types of Pickles

Cucumber pickle is one of the useful, tasty and widely used foods in people's lives. This delicious and attractive seasoning goes beyond a flavoring with food; In ancient medicine, doctors also used it as a medicine.

It is interesting to know that consuming a cucumber pickle provides about 20% of your daily requirement of vitamin K. Of course,cucumber pickles are not recommended for people with sodium allergies or high blood pressure.

Mixed Salt

Mixed sour pickle is also one of the products that has been liked by most people due to its special flavor. In the mixed sour pickle, various vegetables such as cauliflower, cucumber, celery, carrot, garlic and aromatic vegetables are used.

Choosing olives, choosing health

Powerful and rich fruit that is good for the human body and has many benefits, including improving the immune system, preventing osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, some cancers, etc.

Types of Olives

Throughout history, olives have been one of the most delicious and attractive foods in the world.
There are many types of olives and they are found all over the world. Olives are often used to make olive oil, processed olives, sour pickle olives, types of salads, sandwiches, pastas and as a side dish.



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