Calcium is essential for bone growth and health. Dairy is the main source of calcium, and the more concentrated it is, the more calcium it contains. Whey with its small volume is a miraculous food that, in addition to having the properties of milk, also contains calcium, very high protein and vitamins. Each 100 grams of curd produces about 105 to 1200 kcal of energy and therefore, can be included in the daily diet as one of the sources of energy needed by the body.
Originality food industry by using the latest technology in the world to pasteurize curd, prevents the health of the product is endangered.



Whey is one of the condensed milk products, which has a longer shelf life than milk due to the way it is prepared. Among the properties of whey, we can prevent the occurrence or progression of osteoporosis, skin and hair health, reduce stress and improve digestion.
People who have difficulty digesting milk lactose can get the calcium they need by consuming whey.

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