Pickle is one of the most popular old condiments made from a combination of one or more vegetables that are soaked in vinegar, water and salt. The consumption of pickles has been increasing dramatically in winter for a long time and the reason is that it helps to increase metabolism and warming up in winter.

Due to the use of vinegar and salt, consumption of this delicious condiment is not recommended for people with stomach problems, osteoporosis and high blood pressure.

The original food industry, taking into account all these cases, has always put the production of pickles with desirable and healthy quality at the forefront of its work.


November 3, 2020

Esalat Birthday

اعضای خانواده اصالت ساعت‌های زیادی از روز را در کنار هم و در محیطی حرفه‌ای، صمیمانه و پویا سپری می‌کنند. […]
November 3, 2020

donate 1000 food corona fighters

Asalat Food Industries, due to the continued prevalence of corona in the country, participated in completing the germination packages of sprouting and
November 3, 2020


اگر شما هم جزء افرادی هستید که تصمیم به کاهش وزن گرفته اید و نمی دانید از کجا باید شروع کنید، این مطلب برای شماست. در ادامه نکات مفیدی مطرح خواهیم کرد که بی شک برای شروع کاهش وزن به کارتان خواهد آمد.